Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our English teacher – Mrs Bakshi

Jan 1, 2011

I met her today. My Guru. My teacher. A rock that I have clung to in most difficult times and the person who infused love whenever I lost hope.

My English at St Xavier’s High School Bathinda, Bakshi Ma`am (Poonam Bakshi) is a picture of grit determination and hard work. Those were the years when she gave me extra lessons without any fees. Those were the times when I turned to her for every small problem – be it personal or professional.

Like a lighthouse she guided me and perhaps many other students since 1997. Today she stands on the cross road of life where I cant do anything for her. Her husband, Mr Bakshi, is fighting against all odd ends. With severe kidney failure, Mr Bakshi, undergoes dialysis. Almost twice a week.

The six-feet tall and cheerful man lay hidden under quilts at his home. My always-smiling and joyful teacher tried a lot to hide her tears, but she could not. Every time I saw her struggle to keep that tear away from coming out, my heart wrenched to see such a pain.

But after every few sentences she said, “I have learnt not to loose hope and not to cry in front of anyone. It’s a battle that my husband, my son and I are fighting all alone. And we have learnt not to give up.”

What she does not mention is that at times she feels so lonely. She does not tell that sitting on the cold desk at hospital, waiting for the five hours long painful dialysis to get over, she reminisces the old days. Thinking of the happiness she shared with her spouse.

At times she feels too helpless to even think of something good happening. She did not tell me how scarce the resources are and how difficult it is to bear expensive treatment. Yet I could make out how much she needs a support, which sadly enough, I cant be. And she is too proud to ask for a help.

Hats off to the lady, who taught so many children, changed so many lives and touched so many people. Now none of us is able to help her and she is too

All I can do is just pray.


Sagar Agrawal said...

Life has many things to offer. People like Mrs.Bakshi live their lives with great committment and braveness defying all the difficulties and challenges. Sometimes, it happens that their destiny makes them fight till the end. And they have nerves of steel..iron minds. They never give up. And they continue to inspire us. Let God provide courage to them.

After reading, even I felt helpless too. The next moment a thought hits my mind that..yes, I can do something abt it. I can help myself and others know about the disease and see if I can minimize the future numbers.

Chikki said...

May god help Mr n Mrs Bakshi in their tough times...n may he get well soon..Amen!!