Friday, January 29, 2010

Abandoned in abundance

Abandoned in abundance

All of us abandon something dear to us in life – willingly or unwillingly.

From habits to children to spouses. There is a lot to abandon – both literally and virtually. While habits do not complain being left behind. It’s the human – the children or spouses – who feel the heat.

In a mad, mad ego race, couples leave each other. Get separated. Get divorced. Get remarried. But do they really forget each other? Does the new partner really strike that chord which first one did?

These questions are difficult – almost impossible to answer. Everyone involved in a broken relation faces the heat, but it’s the children that wilt. Elders have already lived their lives, but its the young buds that are nipped even before they hear of blossoming.

People say separating couples ape west. It’s not aping west. Its simply not agreeing to remember the lovable days spent together. It’s a mind block. It’s a decision to not to look beyond ones fallacies. Its the hollow egos that makes one leave most loved ones, most cherished ones. Its matter of fragile personas and weak decision makers.

And the one who is abandoned is at receiving end. Children suffering for no fault of theirs. Young minds left confused. Bereaved of love for parents. It’s a tussle between parents to have children by their side - by hook or crook.

Mitch Albom rightly points out somewhere in his For One More Day

“May a child never has to chose between father and mother”

Though surrounded by consoling and mocking relatives, children stand all alone in the milieu of this maddening crowd.