Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Now I know

Dear Mother,

I now know the joys of holding a tiny life,
I now know the love that wells when I see him.

I know what it means to be a wife
I know how to leave past, make your memories dim.

I have realized the pain of being a woman
I know how to predict things with acumen.

I know, its me, who has to lay herself before everything
I know, its me, who has to sacrifice everything

Its me who will bear all
And its me who will be forgotten like a toy-doll

What rises up chokes me I don’t know
It may be bitterness of world, or the one inside me

I pray it subsides
I pray thee

A weapon called shoe

Journalist, Jarnail Singh, has suddenly coined a term called Jarnailism. The shoe hurled on Congress minister does not represent a seething anger only, its token of what every sensitive Indian feels about innocent Sikhs killed in 1984 riots.

The new found “hero of media”, Jarnail Singh, himself said that such acts should not be repeated. “My method (throwing shoe at PC) was wrong, but my anger (against Hitler Tytler) was right,” he said.

Crores of us, especially Sikhs, share his sentiments. The souls of those, who died waiting for justice, must be blessing Jarnail for expressing anger of the community at a platform, which remains inaccessible for a common man.

Its been already 25 years waiting for the justice to deliver. Eye-witnesses against the ghastly Hitler and Durjan (Sajjan) Kumar have started dying. Justice eluded 42-years-old Gurcharan Singh, a resident of Balongi in Kharar who died in early February this year. He had deposed before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) against Congress Durjan Kumar holding him responsible for instigating mob to attack Sikhs on November 1 1984.

He was thrown in a burning truck to be burnt alive by an irate mob led by Durjan Kumar. For 24 years he remained bedridden due to burn injuries and suffered immense mental trauma. Justice delayed, justice denied remained true in his case.

He was just one of the many victims of torture and riots in the name of religion, which witnessed worst genocide ever.

The role of so-called panthic societies too comes under scanner. Suddenly, Jarnail is flooded with “offers” to contest Lok Sabha elections on ticket from various panthic parties from Punjab. Cash awards and rewards come in tow.

Now it is for Jarnail to decide. Whether he really wants to wear back that Reebok shoe or change it into a money minting machine and gain political power.

Its over to you Jarnail.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pinglish - must read

This is a must read. A kind of Pinglish. The sender of this mail had tried to address two problems:

1. He was not well versed with English and hence could not send briefing about the film in English

2. He knew that not all journos have fonts that support Punjabi scripts.

Enjoy reading this



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